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Please note:  The ARMAP Viewers are in the process of being updated with new information and functionality.  During this time, you may experience a few bugs.  Our apologies for any inconvenience.  Some of the new features are in place, and we’ll have the rest up and running as soon as possible.

Try the new prototype Viewer
… for a clean, fast, and modern experience.

Use the old Viewer
… for a familiar interface.

Our new prototype Viewer uses HTML5 and javascript: a mature, open-source, and more appropriate framework for development. Among other advantages, this approach allows the web mapping application to run on mobile devices. Try the new one for something clean, fast, and modern!

The prototype Viewer will be improved in various ways in the near future — fixing bugs, faster performance, interface refinements, more layers, etc. Please give us your feedback.

The old Viewer, which uses Flex (aka Flash), will be phased out soon.