Use ARMAP to see the Who, What, Where, and When of U.S. Arctic Science.


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Please note that there might be some hiccups, and no new projects added to the Viewer in the near future, as the source data feed for NSF-funded projects has shifted to a new NSF Arctic logistics contractor, Battelle ARO. If you run into any problems, please check back soon.

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The Arctic Research Mapping Application is designed for funding agencies, logistics planners, research investigators, students, and others to explore information about science being conducted across the Arctic. Hundreds of project locations and ship tracks are shown on the interactive web map, with easy access to details on funding agency, funding program, scientific discipline, principal investigator, project title, and much more.


18 Funding Agencies

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    ARMAP is …

    ... a suite of interactive maps and services in support of Arctic science.

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    Each point …

    ... in the ARMAP Viewer shows the logistical base of operation for a scientific research project.

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