Field Research Projects REST

Access ARMAP’s database of Field Research Projects using a RESTful web service.

Project-level information is available via a configurable Representational State Transfer (REST) service.  This service is helpful for downloading records, or to ingest the records dynamically into other databases. This may be particularly helpful for populating metadata records. Project records conform to an interagency project-tracking metadata standard developed in collaboration with the Alaska Data Integration Work Group (ADIwg).

Below you can set parameters for the RESTful XML output. For example, you can customize the output by coordinate system, funding program, principal investigator, proposal number, and more. You do not need to select all parameters. At this time, output is provided as XML. You may choose the number of projects to return using the “limit” parameter, which by default is set to 10. We suggest using the “limit” parameter, as downloading the entire database may cause problems for some web browsers.

After selecting parameters, copy the customized, persistent URL (a parameterized query string) for use in your own applications or data management systems. Click on the URL to view the output in your browser. (Google Chrome is recommended).

Note: This web service includes only those projects that are funded by NSF, or that receive logistical support from NSF (e.g., NASA and NOAA). Comparable project-level web services might be available direct from other agencies or organizations (such as the Arctic LCC, NPS, and others shown in the ARMAP Viewer).

Feedback on our web services is appreciated.

?format= Each format returns records compatible with ADIwg Project metadata standards. Choose "xml_ISO19115-1" for the latest ISO version (19115-1); or choose "xml_ISO19115-2" for the previous ISO version (19115-2) or "xml_FGDC" for the standard based on FGDC and KML.
&limit= the number of project records to return.
&start= the project record to start at, the first record is record #0.
&crs= the coordinate system(s) to return.
&schema= “full” returns all ADIwg fields including awards without locations; “short” returns a reduced dataset; “short,armapoptimized” returns fields utilized by the ARMAP Viewer.
&v= webservice and schema version (if not selected, latest version will be returned by webservice).
&pc= enter a program code. For example, enter AON to find all grants with AON anywhere in the program code such as: US\Federal\NSF\OD\OPP\ARC\RSL\AON.
&pt= filter for words or phrases in the project title. For example, enter "collaborative" to find all grants with this text in the project title.

(optionally-select roles)  
filter for the Principal Investigator. You may enter the full name or any part of the name to find all projects with Principal Investigators whose names match your entry.

You may optionally use the dropdown to find projects where the user is a pi, co-pi or collaborator or any combination of these roles. Enter any combination of these three roles by entering them after the pi name with a colon separating the name from the role(s) and a pipe "|" separating the roles.
&proposalnum= when proposalnum is entered, a single project record is returned
Use the controls above to build a URL to the ARMAP REST webservice at:
Then click the link to return the data in your selected format (xml or xmliso)